Specialty Furniture, Accessories & Home Decor

 Our custom made Amish furniture consists of foyer furniture, shelving, bookcases, and many, many more choices in custom made hardwood furniture . We have a wide range of products in our furniture store to accommodate our customer’s needs and wants. We can build whatever it is you’re looking for. Even if you are furnishing your in-home office, we have plenty of desks, chairs, shelving solutions, storage, bookcases, filing cabinets, and more to create a fully functional office space. By getting your workspace organized, you can be more productive. Imagine your new cherry wood computer desk, with full functionality, durability, and beauty. With some extra storage options available it is easy to keep everything in place. We even have file cabinets available to make your paper work easily accessible and provide all time organization. There is a furniture piece for anywhere, regardless if it is your home, your work, or wherever else you may need new furniture. 


Our furniture is made out of the most sturdy hardwoods that continue to leave lasting impressions on our customers for years to come. Our furniture is a favorite among all other options, Amish Furnishings Direct has just about any furniture piece you would need. Whether you are furnishing your entire home, or just in search of a new bookcase, we can get you set up. If you need furniture for bigger spaces, possibly an entire office space, we are able to provide handcrafted desks, chairs, conference tables, and more. Let us know how much space you are working with and your ideal needs and we will put in 100% of our effort to make sure your furniture plan will come out to be your exact vision of your designs. We make the process as simple as possible. We ensure quality work, while still providing our customers with the best service. Let us take care of your furnishing needs, big or small. Come check out some of our sample designs, we can start on your furniture project today.