Barnwood & Reclaimed Furniture Offers Character & History

What exactly is reclaimed wood furniture, you may ask? Amish Furnishings Direct can describe reclaimed wood furniture as basically wood that is recycled. How? The wood was previously used to construct a building in the past, once these buildings are torn down, we begin to collect the large pieces of wood and mold them into a timeless reclaimed wood furniture piece. These wood pieces are then reclaimed and made into elegant furniture pieces. Do not worry, these handmade reclaimed wood furniture options are not brittle or weak, they offer the same sturdiness and durability that wood continues to offer our customers.

Using recycled wood and other materials can greatly impact the environment in a positive way. We want to do our part in saving in saving the environment, and for us that is recycling wood into newly crafted pieces. No other furniture style can compete with reclaimed wood furniture when it comes to age and character. Each piece of wood that we use for our reclaimed wood furniture at Amish Furnishing Direct online furniture store has a story of its own. While not only conserving materials, another benefit of reclaimed wood furniture is that it encases the history with charm and beauty. So what types of buildings does this recycled wood come from? It may come from torn down factories, barns, or even wine casks.

No matter what type of building or wooden structure these wood pieces come from, at Amish Furnishings Direct we will make the promise that although these pieces are made from recycled wood, we still hold them up to the same high standard as the rest of our furniture. By choosing a reclaimed wood furniture option, you are bringing in a piece of history right into your kitchen, living room, or wherever you decide to place your new furniture. See samples of our handmade reclaimed wood furniture if you want to fall in love with a collection.

Looking For Live Edge?

Live edge furniture is such a trendy furniture design. Live edge is when you remove the bark from a tree, exposing the aural edge of the tree.