Retro Furniture Inspired By The 1950s & 1960

Amish mid-century furniture, or mid-century modern furniture, is one of the most incredible furniture styles you can get. Mid-century furniture legs, knob, and handles are unlike any other furniture style. Mid- century colors are one of a kind, they really bring out that retro feel. Mid-century furniture was popular from the 1940s until the 1960s, in today’s day and age it is regaining its popularity. Mid-century furniture can be found in homes all of America, you can pull off any look with the right furniture, take a peek at our mid-century furniture collections.

Looking to spice up your living room, bedroom, bathroom or dining room? Our furniture store can get you set up with some great mid-century furniture pieces. Where you’re looking for mid-century modern, or plain old mid-century, we have it all. Bright mid-century colors, bold shapes, perfect lines, mixed textures, as well as definitive contrast and tapered mid-century furniture legs, these styles really make mid-century furniture pieces stand out from the rest.

Amish Furnishings Direct has a furniture piece for every nook and cranny in the house. We have corner tv stands along with corner shelving to provide all of our customers with the best furniture possible. Adding a mid-century chair in your living room can impress guests by proving a chair unlike any other. Mid-century chairs have designs and styles unlike any other. The mid-century colors are able to be seen in a crowd. Maybe you want to add a Mid-century modern bed frame into your bedroom. We can deliver it right to your door with our white glove policy. No more worrying how you are going to transport your furniture into your home. Perhaps you are in need of a new mid-century dresser to match the new bed frame. We have entire collections available, as well as separate pieces to suit our customer’s needs. Find out what style or design is right for you today!

Looking For Traditional?

Traditional furniture features hand carved details that you simply cannot replicate. It includes beautiful finishes and incredibly smooth hardwoods.