Amish Live edge furniture is such a trendy furniture design. Live edge is when you remove the bark from a tree, exposing the aural edge of the tree. The live edge furniture design can only be created in nature. Each live edge furniture design varies from the previous. Some places offer live edge look alike options, but they simply are not the same. They do not offer the actual beauty of the live edge The beauty cannot be recreated. The swirling patterns, knots, lines, curves, when it comes to live edge furniture designs can only be found in nature. Our promise at Amish Furnishings Direct is to use only the finest wood we can get while making sure we are affordable for our customers at our furniture store.

There are also two texture options for the live edge furniture designs. You may choose between a smooth surface or a little rougher surface, which is referred to as “filled”. We do fill the knots, voids, and other markings with amber tinted resin if you prefer a filled in look, or we can leave it just as is. It is all about what our customers want. Find your ideal live edge furniture piece.

Our live edge desk is one of our best sellers. Our live edge office chairs are full of comfort and provide back support, our live edge finished desks and under the desk foot rests create a space saving and relaxing work space environment, making work easier to get done. Our natural, live edge furniture designs have unique live edge finishes, colors, styles, and designs. We only employ the best and more experienced live edge furniture builders to complete these jobs. We get the job done, and get the job done right.

Looking For Reclaimed?

What exactly is reclaimed wood furniture, you may ask? Amish Furnishings Direct can describe reclaimed wood furniture.